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Beata Pater's Blackout album cover

Beata’s project with Oda Yuichiro. During the Great Blackout of 2003, Beata penned these lyrics by candlelight. All music composed by Oda and Beata. Recorded when the power came back on in Ft Lee, New Jersey at Oda Studio.

Beata Pater – vocal
Oda Yuichiro

Label: B&B Records
Artist: Beata Pater
Title: Blackout
Catalog Number: BB0414
UPC Code: 826049000029
Media Release Date: November 29, 2003

Recording info

Produced by Beata Pater & Oda Yuichiro
Core arrangements – Beata Pater & Oda Yuichiro
Recording and Mix Engineer – Oda Yuichiro

Tracks from Blackout