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Beata Pater's Black album cover

“Black” began in San Mateo, California, growing from a series of gigs between Beata and Mark Little. Soon to notice the swing of things, the two decided to hit the studio. Mark and Beata developed the arrangements over the next few nights as Mark put together the band. After one practice session in an Oakland church, they began recording at Jon Evans’ funky Berkeley studio- San Pablo Recorders. A talented group of musicians, they recorded each song in under an hour, seven in the can the first day and six the next. Beata came back in the following week for “polishing”. Two days later the recording was complete.


Beata Pater – vocal
Mark Little – piano
Jon Evans – bass
Alan Hall – drums
Mimi Fox – guitar
Kent Cohea – sax
Celia Malheiros – precussion

Label info

Label: B&B Records
Artist: Beata Pater
Title: Black
Catalog Number: BB0422
UPC Code: 826049310425
Media Release Date: April 29, 2006

Recording info

Core arrangements – Beata Pater/Mark Little
Produced by Mark Little
Recording/Mix Engineer – Jon Evans
Mastering Engineer – Michael Romanowski
Executive Producer – Mike Gibson

Tracks from Black